Countless sparkling forms of thought emerges from nothing

Creates illusion spheres, the beginning everything

There is nowhere to hide,  don’t protect yourself in sort of shelling

Give me your light, i’ll make your foot trembling


The tragedy is already begun

Yet people still playing fun

I guess, they feel their self with gums and rum

For them will not make any ways to run


Didn’t flew, make it sunk, burn the soul

All the do just make them foul

By the time is the fool

Sighed.. there is no rest for the ruled


Gun shots swings the air lately

Let’s make the day for the lady

All hail them!!! Applause to the sky!!

If it’s not enough for them just let the our mother tears cry


New eve to born

And the black hand era to come

Forget the money, spills the blood

Makes the remembrance of the world


A Song for Bear

Sky will no longer blue

I guess stars give her clue

For all player and prayer give up their cue

Yet, still the old man fight his flu


People can’t see their grave

Snows falls in brave

The stories about people of the cave

Will soon ask for their fares


The king of man lead in chaos

But, “there are yet another time”, said Chronos

See the ocean always hustle by her foams

In time human will forget their groom


All faith will doomed

Together, the people of the Book will bloom

Arise to open the new album

Fill the air with song of oomph

A Walk Towards Light

Satan didn’t fear ‘ Word of God’ which we had saying, but from ‘the faith’ we have when saying it.

If you say, ” What can I do for the world today?”. Stop saying it, indeed start with, ” What can I do for ‘me’ and ‘my thought’? ”

We are not ‘the lord’ of this world, instead we are ‘the keeper’ of it’s freedom and harmony.

We are the part of ‘Light’, the brightest, biggest light you’ve ever imagine.  Then that ‘Light’ divide into smaller parts then come into everybody in this world, without reduce its substance.

When you ask me, ” Where is God?” I think I’ll say, ” When you walk, you walk with God.  When you sleep, you sleep with God.  When you’re happy, you share your joy with Him.  When you’re in sorrow, you drop your tears in His Arm.  Fear not, He always with us.”

When you feel, “God never heard me.”  Step back and consider this, ” God didn’t hear you or you just draw your mouth away from His Ear?”

Remember this, don’t think and act like you’re a boss in this world.  We are all from ‘the same source’.  Remember for what our elder did.  They worked really hard to give the best for us.  They want to ensure, their lineage wouldn’t bear the burden they had.  Don’t make their every work falls in vain.

Keep the world safe to our child, give enough love to them, let them blossom in their own colour.

The Prophecy


The superiority will collapse, the unity of nation will emerge.
The world’s consist of many different color, just like the rainbow, yet the combination will result in one coulour, white.
We won’t live in the shadow of the past, instead we look to the shadow to determine how light illuminate us from front of us.
Love will bloom across.

Nature will balance once more.
The sun will shine brighter, warmer than we thought.
Mankind will be in harmony with the universe.
The promises will be fulfilled, there’s no turn back.
Beware of what lies in your eyes, what you perceive, they maybe lead lo nothing.

Remember who you are, don’t let your mind play tricks on you.
We will realize we walk on ‘nothing’, towards ‘nothing’ and reach ‘nothing’.
Many question will reveal it’s answer, many secret will unfold.
Time will not limit us, distance will not burden us.

It’s all been set, the time rolling to where it should be.
What lies ahead, is already inside.

What is the Future Means to You?


What is the future means to you?
If I tell you right now. You will get the grand prize from every lottery you bet. Do you feel glad? You feel happy?
But what if I tell you, you will get bad luck for 7 years ahead!
You will depression. You feel like every inches of the world tears you down.
Why you simply believe their words?!
For Godsake, they aren’t even exist yet!
It’s just a (silly) future! an imaginary vision that the truth is doubtful.
Are you gonna let yourself ruled by them?
It’s all your call.

I’m not gonna say that the vision of every people is wrong, no.. not at all. There are some of us who can really “see” them. The future they “see” is reflection of your “now” condition. Future itself is very very complex system contains endless probability of event. Action A could lead into result B, and result B could make event C. But if we interrupt result be and change the “B” into E. And brand new result B could also make brand new event Z!
But no matter how we change it, in the end of line is God’s to make. When we try to evade all the bad things in future (in case we have the ability to “see” them), God will play His part to make sure what He wants is accomplished.
But where are our power? Do we have power to create our own future?
Yes, you do. We all do. But remember one thing. If the things we want is not like what we want, that’s God’s will to pick what is best for all of us, it’s always like that.

You always have choices. Whether you believe those sayings or you believe in yourself.
Yes! The power to make future is not lies upon any other else, any Greater Power, nor any vision they make.
The power is lies in you!
In every centimeters of your body, in every cells, every blood, every nerves, everything!
Every event that you experience every days, whether is bad or good, it’s all love given by God for you to make yourself better and better, in every aspect of your life.

Everything’s alright with this world, nothing should be worried about.

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