The Prophecy


The superiority will collapse, the unity of nation will emerge.
The world’s consist of many different color, just like the rainbow, yet the combination will result in one coulour, white.
We won’t live in the shadow of the past, instead we look to the shadow to determine how light illuminate us from front of us.
Love will bloom across.

Nature will balance once more.
The sun will shine brighter, warmer than we thought.
Mankind will be in harmony with the universe.
The promises will be fulfilled, there’s no turn back.
Beware of what lies in your eyes, what you perceive, they maybe lead lo nothing.

Remember who you are, don’t let your mind play tricks on you.
We will realize we walk on ‘nothing’, towards ‘nothing’ and reach ‘nothing’.
Many question will reveal it’s answer, many secret will unfold.
Time will not limit us, distance will not burden us.

It’s all been set, the time rolling to where it should be.
What lies ahead, is already inside.


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