A Walk Towards Light

Satan didn’t fear ‘ Word of God’ which we had saying, but from ‘the faith’ we have when saying it.

If you say, ” What can I do for the world today?”. Stop saying it, indeed start with, ” What can I do for ‘me’ and ‘my thought’? ”

We are not ‘the lord’ of this world, instead we are ‘the keeper’ of it’s freedom and harmony.

We are the part of ‘Light’, the brightest, biggest light you’ve ever imagine.  Then that ‘Light’ divide into smaller parts then come into everybody in this world, without reduce its substance.

When you ask me, ” Where is God?” I think I’ll say, ” When you walk, you walk with God.  When you sleep, you sleep with God.  When you’re happy, you share your joy with Him.  When you’re in sorrow, you drop your tears in His Arm.  Fear not, He always with us.”

When you feel, “God never heard me.”  Step back and consider this, ” God didn’t hear you or you just draw your mouth away from His Ear?”

Remember this, don’t think and act like you’re a boss in this world.  We are all from ‘the same source’.  Remember for what our elder did.  They worked really hard to give the best for us.  They want to ensure, their lineage wouldn’t bear the burden they had.  Don’t make their every work falls in vain.

Keep the world safe to our child, give enough love to them, let them blossom in their own colour.


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