Countless sparkling forms of thought emerges from nothing

Creates illusion spheres, the beginning everything

There is nowhere to hide,  don’t protect yourself in sort of shelling

Give me your light, i’ll make your foot trembling


The tragedy is already begun

Yet people still playing fun

I guess, they feel their self with gums and rum

For them will not make any ways to run


Didn’t flew, make it sunk, burn the soul

All the do just make them foul

By the time is the fool

Sighed.. there is no rest for the ruled


Gun shots swings the air lately

Let’s make the day for the lady

All hail them!!! Applause to the sky!!

If it’s not enough for them just let the our mother tears cry


New eve to born

And the black hand era to come

Forget the money, spills the blood

Makes the remembrance of the world


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